Loving something enough to sacrifice for it is easy.

What is hard is to name that love, and its source

We can help you create a private memoir,

in your voice, to share with the people who know you best, and who would like to know you more.

It’s not an ego project. It’s an offering of love for a family that wants to capture as much of your “spiritual DNA” as it can.

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"The truth is, I didn't see anything of myself in my father, and I don't think he saw anything of himself in me. We were like strangers who knew each other very well."

-Daniel Weaver, Big Fish

We will create an apologia.

The word apologia (which sounds like apple-OH-jee-ah) comes from the same root as apologetics and apology, but the meaning is different.

Apologetics focus on defense, like someone defending faith or facing charges in a court of law.

An apology, in our world, is the confession of wrong-doing, and a request for forgiveness.

AN APOLOGIA IS SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, and the focus isn’t on right or wrong, but on motivation.

Why did Mom choose a life of so many sacrifices for her art?

What inspired Dad to pour so much of himself into his construction company?

What makes faith so important to one set of parents, and education the preoccupation of another?

There are rational reasons behind every apologia. But beyond the rational and familiar we find all sorts of motivations built around passion, fear, desire, vows, and stories both sweet and heartbreaking that few people explore deeply, let alone share effectively with their families.

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Responding to an Apologia


AN APOLOGIA IS A SUBTLE GIFT, a chosen vulnerability, and if it’s not offered in a very open-handed, easy-to-reject way, manipulation is sure to come as part of the package. None of us can expect our pasts to be trump cards we can play on others. It is a great gift when someone is willing to indulge our wounds or unmet needs, to find such parts of us charming, but there is no such thing as forceful charm, or a demanding apologia.

YOUR STORY will include many layers of apologia, because it will be offered with love and honesty. It will stand ready, as your love already does, until the time is right for any who read your words to receive whatever gift your apologia may hold for the their hearts.


ULTIMATELY OUR WORK, as with any decent legacy, is about conveying the sort of love that adds life, trajectory, and freedom to generations of families.

While your story is the core of anything we do, we can find ways to highlight various ideas for different audiences. Common expressions include children’s books, books of family proverbs, advice books for “thresholds”in children’s lives, commissioned art, family events, purposeful trips, poignant reunions with old friends ... anything, really, that adds simple depth to life. Every family is different, so everything is custom, but there is always a way to love and pursue one another more effectively. We’ll uncover the right options together.

Couples can offer a shared apologia, too. This option is particularly powerful when a couple addresses the unasked questions that live in the shadows of so many families.

For many families, there’s also great value in adding stories gathered from friends, colleagues, and others who can paint a more complete picture of who you are when you’re not at home.

The thing about a family’s DNA is that the present traces directly to the past. Siblings can often work together to create a remarkable view into their parent’s life. This can be a very healing experience for strained relationships, and a fantastic gift for the children, nieces and nephews who gain a fresh perspective on themselves within the world painted for them by their families.

The ideal successes for us are decades-long relationships with families who share a vision, express that vision in diverse ways, and invite one another into their own journeys with a gentleness worthy of the love that connects them. While the eldest generation often takes the lead, the goal of a truly loving legacy is to give voice to children and grandchildren as well. There are a thousand fun and adventurous ways for us to work together to draw the rest of your family into the story.

That may be the greatest reward this effort could bring you.


We take a team approach. A creative lead will define the vision with you, and will make sure everything that follows lines up with your vision. A producer conducts interviews, collects research, and creates the framework for the writer to execute against. Our writers add muscle to the skeleton, ask for more information, and shape the story. Our editors and proofreaders make sure you only review what we consider material that could go directly to print. By the time you see chapters for review, they're our suggestions, not rough first drafts.

There's a recipe for pre-launch and achieving Amazon bestseller status, and the recipe makes good sense for books intended to increase visibility or generate leads. There are other routes to market when you're focused on social or industry impact. We work with your to determine how you want to measure success with your platform, and then we pull the right levers to get you there.

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